Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today it was bingodude who decided to take a punt and spam Metafilter. After only two comments (although I am informed that 4 were apparently deleted by the mods before he spammed the site) bingodude spammed Metafilter with a site dedicated to... bingo! It's dedicated to bingo, the game where hordes of senior citizens stand a chance of making their pension check a little bigger than it was when they got it. Let's review his two remaining comments, shall we?

"I'm with amyms on this one!"
(from the Cyber Command Über Alles FPP)

"HA Ha!! do you really think we'll be needing airbags with these?"
(from the Inflatable Electric Cars FPP).

In his maiden spammer killing, vacapinta wielded The Banhammer with style, grace and aplomb. And thus did this round of bingo end for bingodude, and he went home far poorer for the experience.

UPDATE: It turns out that bingodude had a comment in Metafilter Music I missed. Here it is.

(from the 1979 song).

Also in the hours since I posted this, vacapinta seems to have been pushed aside as claimer of the kill by none other than mathowie himself. Weird. But there you go, anyway.

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread blog]
Thanks to WalterMitty for the heads up!


KimJin said...

Actually, he had a comment in MeFi Music:


Also, oddly enough, he hasn't been banned. :/

effigy2000 said...

Maybe vacapinta dosen't have banning powers?

Or perhaps he's hesitant to wield the banhammer so soon in his mod-career without some sort of nod from the Big Three?