Sunday, June 15, 2008


OK mmkaos, the jig is up. We know who you really are. There's no denying it. You're Conrad Sigfried, Vice President of KAOS, aren't you? A-ha! Thought so! Only Sigfried would stoop so low as to spam Metafilter after just three throwaway comments. I'd tell you to shush but as I understand it, you don't shush at KAOS. What were his three throwaway comments, then? Would you believe...

"Not sure if anyone can answer this question, but why are the prices always moving around from day to day. One day its $3.85 and then literally the next day, the same gas station has the same gas for $.15 more. How does this happen? The gas is already in the ground! Can someone answer that?"
(from the The fix is in FPP)

"Maybe then they'll actually brew a beer worth drinking."
(from the Cette bud n'est pas pour vous FPP)

"Love Free anything....might have to check it out!"
(from the Another Reason You Wish You Were David Byrne FPP)

mmkaos, would you believe that this building is surrounded by 50 CONTROL agents? Would you believe 40 CONTROL agents? How about an angry boy scout? Girl scout? How about jessamyn weilding The Banhammer? Ah well. If only mmkaos had used his or her posting powers for goodness and niceness instead of evil spamming, the account wouldn't have been deleted.

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread blog]

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