Thursday, June 5, 2008


After contributing the standard three throwaway comments, Smuggler did, in the dead of night, smuggle in his spammy FPP about his production company named Smuggler. Smuggler by name, spammer by nature, one would think Smuggler would be better at smuggling spam. Instead, Smuggler's spam smuggling attempts resulted in an FPP that was so obviously a case of poorly smuggled spam that it resulted in a deletion reason reading "Wow. Just wow." Were his comments any better? Let's take a gander under the tarpaulin.

"There so tiny. I want one!"
(from the Of being a foster parent ... of kittens FPP)

"I wonder how much that would go for in an auction! Its amazing."
(from the Miniature Illuminated Manuscript FPP)

"HAHA, that is ridic!!"
(from the Giant Vulva Bicycle Taxi FPP)

Smuggler was apparently so keen was on smuggling his spam, he couldn't even finishing typing the word 'ridiculous'. mathowie made the kill, and Smuggler smuggled spam no more.

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread Blog]

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