Sunday, June 15, 2008

Help me out here.

OK, so see at the bottom of this post where it says "0 comments" (or whatever number of comments there may happen to be when you read this)? I want to change this to read "0 Musings." Does anyone know how I can do this? I've seen other blogs where they have customised terms instead of the standard 'comment' so I know it must be possible. I just lack the know-how to do it.

And just so we're clear, I'm not talking about tags like the 3comments or 4comments tags... I'm talking about the number of comments that one of my posts has received.

So yeah, if you know how to do this, comment leave a musing in this thread!

UPDATE: A big, heartfelt thank-you very much to iconomy, who sent me a MeFi Mail and gave me the info I needed. Muse away, one and all!


OK mmkaos, the jig is up. We know who you really are. There's no denying it. You're Conrad Sigfried, Vice President of KAOS, aren't you? A-ha! Thought so! Only Sigfried would stoop so low as to spam Metafilter after just three throwaway comments. I'd tell you to shush but as I understand it, you don't shush at KAOS. What were his three throwaway comments, then? Would you believe...

"Not sure if anyone can answer this question, but why are the prices always moving around from day to day. One day its $3.85 and then literally the next day, the same gas station has the same gas for $.15 more. How does this happen? The gas is already in the ground! Can someone answer that?"
(from the The fix is in FPP)

"Maybe then they'll actually brew a beer worth drinking."
(from the Cette bud n'est pas pour vous FPP)

"Love Free anything....might have to check it out!"
(from the Another Reason You Wish You Were David Byrne FPP)

mmkaos, would you believe that this building is surrounded by 50 CONTROL agents? Would you believe 40 CONTROL agents? How about an angry boy scout? Girl scout? How about jessamyn weilding The Banhammer? Ah well. If only mmkaos had used his or her posting powers for goodness and niceness instead of evil spamming, the account wouldn't have been deleted.

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread blog]

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Perhaps Helixxx had tried to audition for a part in the latest Vin Diesel flick. Perhaps he's some tawdry porn star. Or perhaps he's just a spammer. One of these three scenarios is not only probably; it's correct. I'll leave you to ponder which one it is as I relate to you the four comments he contributed to the site before his demise.

"I totally just ordered a pack. I wonder what sushi will taste like...."
(from the Magic Fruit Turns Sour to Sweet FPP)

"I love the fact that as every time I get bored with the TV Show (which has happened a lot less this Season than in Season 3) that there's always an internet game to explore for more content. I really, truly hope that the lines between TV, internet, video games, movies, podcasts and music continue to blur until every concept, every "show" can immerse us in different forms of media. This is the real contribution of Lost, besides a great storyline. Making the audience a participant in mythology. JJ Abrams for President!!"
(from the Meta-Media FPP)

"I'm sorry. I'm a totally, lefty-pinko-liberal pacifist...but this mofo is pretty damn cool!! They MUST incorporate this into Halo 4."
(from the UAV Sniper Drone FPP)

"Come on!! Of course it's faked!
1. Nobody's can maintain a hissy-fit with that level of intensity for that long.
2. Nobody slide tackles this guy until the very end
3. Nobody in their right mind (which clearly he wasn't) stay in trashed room and doesn't make a run for it, or at least go trash other rooms.
Either way, it should be sent to all the managers that are contemplating downsizing in this perilous economy."
(from the Insert Office Space Jokes here. Or don't. FPP)

There was a fifth comment, but this was in his own spammy FPP, one which cortex dutifully deleted before banning Helixxx and banning him good. And such is the tale of how Metaflter rid itself of another one of its lefty-pinko-liberal pacifists. And a spammer as well. Yes, that was the one that he was (not the porn star or XXX extra).

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread Blog]

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today it was bingodude who decided to take a punt and spam Metafilter. After only two comments (although I am informed that 4 were apparently deleted by the mods before he spammed the site) bingodude spammed Metafilter with a site dedicated to... bingo! It's dedicated to bingo, the game where hordes of senior citizens stand a chance of making their pension check a little bigger than it was when they got it. Let's review his two remaining comments, shall we?

"I'm with amyms on this one!"
(from the Cyber Command Über Alles FPP)

"HA Ha!! do you really think we'll be needing airbags with these?"
(from the Inflatable Electric Cars FPP).

In his maiden spammer killing, vacapinta wielded The Banhammer with style, grace and aplomb. And thus did this round of bingo end for bingodude, and he went home far poorer for the experience.

UPDATE: It turns out that bingodude had a comment in Metafilter Music I missed. Here it is.

(from the 1979 song).

Also in the hours since I posted this, vacapinta seems to have been pushed aside as claimer of the kill by none other than mathowie himself. Weird. But there you go, anyway.

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread blog]
Thanks to WalterMitty for the heads up!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


After contributing the standard three throwaway comments, Smuggler did, in the dead of night, smuggle in his spammy FPP about his production company named Smuggler. Smuggler by name, spammer by nature, one would think Smuggler would be better at smuggling spam. Instead, Smuggler's spam smuggling attempts resulted in an FPP that was so obviously a case of poorly smuggled spam that it resulted in a deletion reason reading "Wow. Just wow." Were his comments any better? Let's take a gander under the tarpaulin.

"There so tiny. I want one!"
(from the Of being a foster parent ... of kittens FPP)

"I wonder how much that would go for in an auction! Its amazing."
(from the Miniature Illuminated Manuscript FPP)

"HAHA, that is ridic!!"
(from the Giant Vulva Bicycle Taxi FPP)

Smuggler was apparently so keen was on smuggling his spam, he couldn't even finishing typing the word 'ridiculous'. mathowie made the kill, and Smuggler smuggled spam no more.

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread Blog]

Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

A test indeed, pb.