Monday, July 21, 2008


Metafilter's latest spammer, lanycwriter, liked to write. So much so that she writes her own blog, which she decided to link to, ensuring her banning. Strangely, she didn't seem to like writing wordy comments. She didn't even like writing a lot of comments on Metafilter, writing only three before spamming the site. Here's what she wrote;

"That cat will kill you in your sleep, man."
(from the Pets for the rich FPP)

"I just think it's weird that she's getting so touchy that people think she's good looking. Won't there still be time for pole vaulting when she's past her prime modeling years? Just a thought."
(from the What it feels like for a girl. FPP)

"Jail is supposed to suck, right? That's why it's jail. That herpes things makes alot of sense, though...."
(from the That's Hot FPP)

Banning is supposed to suck. That's why it's called being banned. Spamming the site never makes sense though, as aptly proven by jessamyn when she pushed the Big Red Ban Button. Sionara, lanycwriter!

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread Blog]

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have a confession to make. I'm a Nintendo fan boy. I started with a NES back in the 80s and since then I've owned a SNES, a Gameboy, an N64, a Gamecube, a DS and I own a Wii. But only a few months ago I bought my first ever non-Nintendo console. I bought a PS3. And I love it. Blu-ray is great, having a wireless media server is a dream and lately my Wii has been collecting dust as I play Grand Theft Auto 4 every weekend. So it's fair to say that I'm a fan of the PS3. But then someone like pickaloo comes along and ruins everything. It seems as though the only reason pickaloo joined Metafilter was to optimise search engine results for the PS3. His spammy FPP was nothing more than a statement, really, that the PS3 exists. Pathetic! His three throwaway comments weren't any better either; indeed, they were all from the one thread! Observe the lameness...

"Taking 20 will cure aids!"
(from the I've got a gut feeling. . . this could work FPP)

(also from the I've got a gut feeling. . . this could work FPP)

"That's just idiotic!"
(also from the I've got a gut feeling. . . this could work FPP)

Maybe pickaloo had a gut feeling that he could get away with his SEO ways. The wrathful mathowie, however, showed him otherwise. And so pickaloo was forever banned, as is only proper. The only upside? Given that his comments were brief and all in the one thread, writing about his was quick and easy, leaving me more time to play Grand Theft Auto 4. Until next time! Or maybe I should play Mario Kart, just to spite him...

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread Blog]


The spammer known as progressor decided that to progress his website, essentially a blog that claims to collect interesting stories for people to read, it would be best to contribute seven throwaway comments to the site (4 on MeFi, 3 on AskMe) and then spam the Metafilter front page. Let's review his comments now. Keep an eye out for the irony in one of his MeFi comments. Bonus points if you spot it!


"I liked the Intelligence test..."
(from the Futility Closet FPP)

"100% accuracy. Of course, it helps to know something about breast augmentation."
(from the ...for players and plastic surgeons FPP)

"She's so YUMMY."
(from the Your weiner, your vageener, and your ovary FPP)

"Do they have Pepsi Blue T-Shirts?"
(from the Rumplo' and behold! FPP)

Ask Metafilter.

"I highly recommend FatWallet's "Which Credit Card Should I Get? FAQ"It is an up-to-date list of the top credit cards, sorted by how you'd expect to use them."
(from the Which Visa card is best Question)

"You should buy a low-end UPS (uninterruptible power supply) from, say, APC -- they should be ~$40 at an office supplies store. Almost any UPS should do a good job at smoothing out the power surges."
(from the Compact Florescent Lifespan Question)

"Usually, need to get a license from the City hall"
(from the Classical Underground Question)

Here at Musings of a Metafilter Spammer, we like to make fun of spammers who spam Metafiler. In this case, I think we'll leave it at simply pointing out the event. The records show that even jessamyn seemed unsure if this was a clear cut case of spamming, although the fact that progressor's account is now closed speaks words. Maybe next time progressor will progress further than seven comments, assuming the mistakes of the past aren't repeated.

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread Blog]


I am told that Brochet is an unincorporated community located in Northern Manitoba near the Saskatchewan border. And, thanks to a recent MetaTalk thread, I am also told that former MeFite br0chet is a spammer. He's also a special spammer... a man of firsts around Metafilter and these here parts. You see, rather than contributing three or four throwaway comments before spamming Metafilter, br0chet decided to simply spam individual users using MeFi Mail.

I won't repeat the contents of his spammy e-mail (you can read the MetaTalk thread for those details), but sufficed to say, he's banned now. It's not clear but it looks as though the kill can be attributed to jessamyn. Congrats jessamyn, for banning this innovating spammer!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Is anyone here familiar with the book House of Leaves, the debut novel by the American author Mark Z. Danielewski? No? Really? It was a best-seller and everything! Hmmph. So I guess any jokes I make about Metafilter's latest spammer Navidson being named after The Navidson Record would be wasted on you, huh? Fine. Let's just look at Navidson's four throwaway comments, then. The first one is a funny one... but more on that after these 'messages.'

"Nowadays you can even make your own cloud and use it as advertising."
(from the Don't hang around 'cause two's a crowd FPP)

"Amazing! Much more awesome than SmrtrChild. Real awesomeness though? Is when you get two robots to chat with each other."

"Found the full bot-to-bot chat. Sort of beautiful."

"Thanks to anti-gay marriage actions like this, discrimination is still alive and well."
(from the Bible gets sued FPP)

Remember how I said that the first comment was funny? You'll notice that all of Navidson's comments had a hyperlink, except the first. That's because I removed it. Why? Because the link in his very first comment was a link to his crappy website! The same website he would later spam Metafilter with in a terrible FPP! Isn't that hilarious? No? Really?

Figures. I shouldn't have expected any less from a bunch of people who never read House of Leaves. Frankly I'm glad that cortex banned this guy. Without Navidson we never would have had this conversation, I'd never have known you were all a bunch of humourless philistines, and everything would have been a lot better right now!

Get bent, Navidson!

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread Blog]

Friday, July 4, 2008


I've never received a tantric massage before, and I've never been to London either. But if I was ever planning on getting a tantric massage while in London, it was spammer nikheal's intent that he'd have me and the rest of Metafilter's user base covered. But as we all know, spam dosen't go down well around these parts. Before this spammer was brought to heel, nikheal contributed 5 comments to the Metafilter universe; 3 in Metafilter, 1 in AskMe and 1 in Projects. Let's take a gander at what he had to say.


How about flying solar and wind hybrid cars? They could fly using the solar and/or wind energy, perhaps we can start thinking about using natural resources, maybe possible in 20 years from now."
(from the
World's First Rotating Skyscraper FPP)

"People like to talk good about Gandhi but don't like to follow him. Say something against Gandhi in this country and the mob is ready to kill you ( this is very much against what Gandhi said or taught). So, it doesn't really make any difference if there's another piece of his recording available, or perhaps the Americans can use it better than the Indians..."
(from the Rare English Gandhi Recording from 1947 FPP)

"We still have a long way to go as humans. Just because women can't kick men, we are treating them like our subjects. In this part of the world, it's much more in the system than in the US, so, I am in totality for women wearing less or no clothes than dress modestly, my argument is they enjoy more freedom and are less susceptible to suppression/violence of any kind than the one who is being recognized as modest. And Yes, wearing less clothes translates to more freedom for women."
(from the I want a girl with a long skirt and a loooooong jacket. FPP)

Ask Metafilter.

"I would suggest just be yourself, that's the best ever attraction possible to any age group, and then don't worry about what others think. Most probably they like you."
(from the How to deal with age difference among friends? question)


"Interesting... I might suggest some features after some use."
(from the DeskTopper... project)

Yes folks, you read that correctly. He knew about Projects but he still spammed the Metafilter frontpage. At least he put in more than three comments before doing it, at least. But that's not enough to save a spammer from The Ban Button, nor should it be, as jessamyn demonstrated so well when banning nikheal from the site. Cor!

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread blog]

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Time for another retro post and this one is a corker. It is the infamous 'Pretty Flowers' thread that was started by RustyBottoms. Rusty may only have contributed three throw-away comments to Metafilter before spamming the front page, but his contribution to the site turned out to be priceless. Before we go on, let's take a look at what he had to say.

"that's great. it's like talk soup for the web."
(from the Best Of The Web 2.0 FPP)

"poor baby"
(from the Nature Happens FPP)

"is this a sorryeverybody for christians? maybe too little too late."
(from the Christians have an obligation, a mandate, a commission, a holy responsibility to reclaim the land for Jesus Christ FPP)

The resulting thread was somehow overlooked by the moderators for a while (obviously this was back in the days before vacapinta joined the team) and in the ensuing chaos, MeFites had a helluva lot of fun, posting jokes, images and generally just ripping Rusty (not his real name) and his band 'Pretty Flowers' apart. The greatest fun to be had was the merciless photoshopping of the photos of the band from the site to include everything and anything, including the web-meme of the moment, Ceiling Cat.

Rusty chimed in on the thread to the tune of another 4 comments in a vain attempt to save himself and what little credibility his crappy band had but in the end, he couldn't compete with a simple pressing of The Ban Button by an unnamed moderator. Rusty's Bottom having been booted to the curb, Metafilter was safe again, but everyone who participated in that thread still has fond memories of those two fun filled hours.