Sunday, July 20, 2008


I am told that Brochet is an unincorporated community located in Northern Manitoba near the Saskatchewan border. And, thanks to a recent MetaTalk thread, I am also told that former MeFite br0chet is a spammer. He's also a special spammer... a man of firsts around Metafilter and these here parts. You see, rather than contributing three or four throwaway comments before spamming Metafilter, br0chet decided to simply spam individual users using MeFi Mail.

I won't repeat the contents of his spammy e-mail (you can read the MetaTalk thread for those details), but sufficed to say, he's banned now. It's not clear but it looks as though the kill can be attributed to jessamyn. Congrats jessamyn, for banning this innovating spammer!

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