Friday, July 4, 2008


I've never received a tantric massage before, and I've never been to London either. But if I was ever planning on getting a tantric massage while in London, it was spammer nikheal's intent that he'd have me and the rest of Metafilter's user base covered. But as we all know, spam dosen't go down well around these parts. Before this spammer was brought to heel, nikheal contributed 5 comments to the Metafilter universe; 3 in Metafilter, 1 in AskMe and 1 in Projects. Let's take a gander at what he had to say.


How about flying solar and wind hybrid cars? They could fly using the solar and/or wind energy, perhaps we can start thinking about using natural resources, maybe possible in 20 years from now."
(from the
World's First Rotating Skyscraper FPP)

"People like to talk good about Gandhi but don't like to follow him. Say something against Gandhi in this country and the mob is ready to kill you ( this is very much against what Gandhi said or taught). So, it doesn't really make any difference if there's another piece of his recording available, or perhaps the Americans can use it better than the Indians..."
(from the Rare English Gandhi Recording from 1947 FPP)

"We still have a long way to go as humans. Just because women can't kick men, we are treating them like our subjects. In this part of the world, it's much more in the system than in the US, so, I am in totality for women wearing less or no clothes than dress modestly, my argument is they enjoy more freedom and are less susceptible to suppression/violence of any kind than the one who is being recognized as modest. And Yes, wearing less clothes translates to more freedom for women."
(from the I want a girl with a long skirt and a loooooong jacket. FPP)

Ask Metafilter.

"I would suggest just be yourself, that's the best ever attraction possible to any age group, and then don't worry about what others think. Most probably they like you."
(from the How to deal with age difference among friends? question)


"Interesting... I might suggest some features after some use."
(from the DeskTopper... project)

Yes folks, you read that correctly. He knew about Projects but he still spammed the Metafilter frontpage. At least he put in more than three comments before doing it, at least. But that's not enough to save a spammer from The Ban Button, nor should it be, as jessamyn demonstrated so well when banning nikheal from the site. Cor!

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread blog]

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