Friday, May 30, 2008


In the absence of any new spam-meat in the last few days on Metafilter (a good thing, I assure you) and the presence of an abundance of free time in my schedule (a rarity, I assure you), I've decided to do a few retro-posts. This latest one is from January 2008 and features the delights of the deceptively named born4thesurf. I say deceptively named because he was clearly born to spam Metafilter, rather than catch the latest wave from out beyond the break (or something). Let's review his three gnarly moves.

Vinyl records are in the news at the moment. Just this morning I spotted on the London Stock Exchange website that old vinyl records are rapidly emerging as a high yielding alternative investment."
(from the (NSC) - RIP Ron Murphy, master vinyl cutter. FPP)

"Great Image. Yeah lightning will strike the tallest thing in the area, and this certainly qualifies. Very nice though."
(from the God messes with the Jesus FPP)

"Illegal movie downloads and music downloads is a big subject that hasn't gone way for as long as I can remember. Taxing customers via their ISP connection fee and then pass that money onto the various media sources is hugely complicated! In terms of movie download companies like Apple and Vizumi are doing their best to entice users to download legally but not sure how effective this will be in the long run. Apple certainly did well for music with itunes. Can they repeat the same success with imovies?"
(from the Illegal downloaders 'face UK ban' FPP)

This time it seems as though born4thesurf bit off a wave bigger than he could chew with jessamyn performing the kill. Whoa dude! Wiiiiiiiiipeout!!!!

[Learn more about this spammer at the Deleted Thread Blog]

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