Monday, May 26, 2008


In a spammy FPP that was apparently 33 years in the making, pkerr1975 made three comments to Metafilter before claiming that 'Determinism' made him (or is it a her?) do it. Before being walloped with the Mighty Banhammer, pkerri1975 shared the following pearls of wisdom with us.

"I love the lunch at zero gravity. "Astronauts will be able to eat almost anything".......yeah as long as it is paste. I think they would prefer the toasted bacon."
(from the Give me convenient bacon or give me death FPP)

"very very niffty! but can't help but think that some people have an awful lot of time on their hands."
(from the I got rhythm, I got music... FPP)

"i didn't get to read about any of the details as I couldn't stop playing with the graphic at the top of the page."
(from the Photoshop Express - beta version FPP)

Although it was jessamyn who made the kill, this spammers tombstone epitaph reportedly reads "pkerri1975 (1975 - 2008). He or she determined his or her own ghastly fate."

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