Monday, May 26, 2008


Democrat69 may or may not be running for President right now. Probably not. Look, who knows? What we can say, however, is that if they were running for presidency of the 'Honorary Roll of Great Metafilter Contributors' club (it's a secret club... you wouldn't know anything about it), their primary race would be very much over now. Their campaign mistake? Most reporters agree that spamming the Metafilter front page (after just 4 comments) with a terrible FPP about a fitness site he or she just "happened to stumble upon" was the death knell. Here were Democrat69's pearls of utterly sane wisdom, straight from the transcripts of the latest 'impromptu' town hall meeting.

"This is just absolutely crazy"
(from the That's just insane! FPP)

"Pretty crazy, I like celebs better, D'angelo went from buff to fat. my fav."
(from the 50 helpful kitchen tips. FPP)

"LOL, Whoever made those pictures was 100% high!"
(from the What's up bud! FPP)

"That is a very cool site, old school bookmarked.... IMO if someone doesn't have any interest in any part of history they have a serious problem.... mall shooter? Cool Site"
(from the Yesterday, and Before FPP)

Crazy man! Whoa, he's so high! Oops. Looks like he overdosed and cortex was the poor sod who found the body. au revoir, Democrat69!

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