Tuesday, May 27, 2008


There are any number of ways that richdan could have gotten rich. A win in the lottery. Careful investments. Saving really hard and being a spend-thrift. This was not how richdan got rich. He probably made his fortune self-linking to his website promoting his band that plays at weddings (a wedding band, yuk yuk) which had apparently put together "7 mindblowing illusions". The veracity of this claim is highly disputable, but what is clear is that he contributed only three not very mindblowing comments to Metafilter before spamming it, which I have displayed below for your reading pleasure.

"Very nice posting. If only more people could do this"
(from the Paz sin fronteras FPP)

"Incredible. I have bene observig this technology for some time and think it will be very significant in our future lives"
(from the Digital telepathy? FPP)

"Amazing. When can I go?"
(from the asleep at light speed FPP)

According to cortex, wielder of The Mighty Banhammer, richdan was able to go (away) on March 16th 2008. Very nice. If only more spammers could do this.

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