Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It was clear to many of us that entrepreneur35 was an entrepreneur. It said it, right there in his own username. What entrepreneur35 probably didn't know was that spamming the Metafilter frontpage to his computing website was against site policy. Or maybe he did know but didn't care. Either way, three comments into his career at Metafilter, this entrepreneur's prospects were cut short. Let's watch him ride the ladder of opportunity to the bottom.

"very interesting"
(from the If it really works, it's the coolest audio production tool ever. FPP)

"This is really cool. Microsoft is releasing the worldwide telescope as well, I hear."
(from the asleep at light speed FPP)

"Awesome list, very helpful."
(from the Meet your new weblog overlords FPP)

The dynamic duo of mathowie and cortex worked together once again to take this spammer down, and Gotham Ci... I mean, Metafilter, was safe from evildoers once more.

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