Tuesday, May 27, 2008


When ghostdog was signing up for an account on Metafilter, he was probably not aware of just how apt his screen name woould end up becoming. Not only did he post a spamtastic FPP after 7 comments, his contributions were so bad they evoked (long-repressed) memories of that terrible 1990 movie Ghost Dad starring Bill Cosby. Somewhat surprisingly for a spammer, not all his comments were throwaways. Let us review his contributions to Metafilter, and you'll see what I mean.

"Amazing subjects and photography. A must share site for my friends in the photography industry."
(from the Now it's dark. FPP)

"Blaming OPEC is like blaming a baby for soiling his diaper. All commodity prices are based on the "futures" market. Here is an oversimplification of how these markets work (someone correct me if I mispeak) A farmer needs to know how many acres of soybeans he should plant this year. A futures trader purchases a contract for a specific date in the future to purchase X number of bushels of soybeans at a specific price. By doing so the trader controls the right to those soybeans.Lets say the weather or some blight affects the yield of the farmers soybean harvest. The farmer is stuck. He has to deliver his soybeans at the time and price he had agreed upon. This may result in a tremendous lost to the farmer but the trader that purchased that "futures contact" is now in the drivers seat. If he purchased enough contracts he sets the price for soybeans. This being the case he will maximize his profit by creating a shortage greater than the actual harvest shortfall.The same rules apply to oil.

Make sense. Thoughts?

The futures traders are making a killing right now."

(from the Oil Tops Inflation-Adjusted Record Set in 1980 FPP)

"Billy Bragg and Wilco. Great versions of Woody Gutherie...Ingrid Bergman
(from the Grievous Angel FPP)

"Dumb question but hey I'm just a dog. How do you hotlink?"
(also from the Grievous Angel FPP)

"I have found heaven on the internet. Someone else who likes Jonathan Richman!! I still have his LPs with the Modern Lovers and "Back in Your Life" still reminds me of the girl I almost married in MA.Almost wet myself when he showed up in "Something about Mary"."
(also from the Grievous Angel FPP)

"Somehow you never forget those Sears catelogues from when you were a kid."
(from the A tribute to the Corsetiere FPP)

"An Ivy Leaguer is an Ivy Leaguer regardless of his skin color."
(from the Tim Wise on Obama and Race FPP)

Upon discovering his self-linking ways, mathowie and ghostdog engaged in a conversation. "But I've got to make it to Thursday!" ghostdog pleased. "It's for my children. My wife died a few years ago and I'm all they have left. Please, Sir Math Owie!" Well, to cut a long and terribly scripted story short, mathowie didn't take to kindly to the way ghostdog pronounced his name, thus ending any chance ghostdog had of finding a scientist to send him back to the world of the living so that he could self-link again and make sure that his children are taken care of.

[More Info at the Deleted Thread Blog]

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