Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Eavesy didn't really try to hide her self-link. A mere 4 comments after joining the site, she "just found this pretty cool post about..." well it dosen't really matter does it? Anyone who just found a pretty cool post about something and posts it to Metafilter on their first post is usually guilty, right? Eavesy certainly was, and got The Banhammer for her trouble. Best of all, it appears that not only was it a self-link, it was a failed self-link (meaning she borked the URL on her first attempt). Here's what she had to say before the heavens descended upon her.

"@miss lynnster it can swing the other way, if a guy is really ugly it can help him to cover up his face."
(from the "Each day, every man must decide either to shave or not to shave. The act can be one of conformity, rebellion, laziness, or transition." FPP)

""Is something troubling you my son" - Classic"
(from the Shall we say one million... AH-HA! FPP)

"O'h the poor bunnies, what could anyone have against them?"
(from the I'm mellltiiiiing! FPP)

"it should be working now, read before you judge, I am new here so I maybe should not have submitted it, will try and write a better description next time."
(from her own spammy FPP which I'm not linking too)

The Banhammer was wielded by both jessamyn and mathowie in this instance and Eavesy was dispatched of easily.

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David Eaves said...


Eavesy is my nickname, my real name is David Eaves (a man). Please would you be able to take this post down. I do not think that what I did warrants you defaming me and my company.

I did not read your Ts & Cs before I posted on your site and I was not aware that I was not allowed to post links to my friends sites (which is all I did).

Please do not say I should have read them, I am sure you have signed up for and used a site without reading the Ts & Cs.

Best Regards

David Eaves