Monday, May 26, 2008


If ever a deletion reason encapsulated what this blog is about, cortex and mathowie did it when deleting a self-link by monkee. On deleting monkee's FPP, the dynamic duo wrote "Hey! A bald-faced self-link, a week and exactly three throwaway comments after you joined the site! Get bent!" What were those three throwaway comments, exactly? They were;

"Id like my hair back"
(from the Regrowing Limbs FPP)

"Cool deal"
(from the Match it for Pratchett FPP)

"It begins"
(from the Contemporary Hooverville FPP)

Hey, hey it was monkee! And two mods said he was monkeying around. But he was too busy spamming/ To put a significant FPP down...

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