Monday, May 26, 2008


It seems that ineedmotivation didn't need much motivation to self-link to the Metafilter front page. Only two comments in, he made a crap-tastic FPP about stress that led to his one way ticket to Bansville. What were his two comments that motivated him to get off the couch and share his thoughts with the world? They were;

"interesting abstract images"
(from the She blinded me with science! FPP)

"it's really weird that we can see something now that happened so long perhaps whatever we emit here on Earth as far as signals will only be capted by another civilization on some planet in billions of years....!"
(from the Gamma Ray Bursts - they're neat FPP)

Ultimately cortex didn't need much motivation to wield the banhammer on this particular spammer.

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