Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What is a skalitenko, you might very well ask? Not sure, I would answer. Except to say he's a spammer who posted just three comments about food and food preperation to Metafilter before doing the dirty deed. Here's what he said.

"In my opinion the important thing to remember is to cook beef properly."
(from the Where's The Beef? FPP)

"If you want to get rid of a problem -- look for the cause. Same can be applied for bad food. In my understanding there are 3 major types/causes of bad food:

1. Chemicals in our food, e.g. MSG -- monosodium glutamate.
2. Change in food form, e.g. flower: because of milling absorbtion surface goes up dramatically, resulting in abnormally high blood sugar, therefore too high insulin level, then too low blood sugar, causing food craving. Same applies to cookies!
3. Food we are not created to eat, e.g. milk or juices.

Bottom line: do not eat processed food!
Sergey Kalitenko. MD"
(from the Finish your plate please. FPP)

"Everything is good in moderation."
(from the Beery eyed FPP)

Two things to remember skalitenko. Spamming Metafilter is never good, even in moderation. And never provide a moderator with advice on how to ban your ass. mathowie looked for the cause of the problem... you... and banned you. Bottom line; do not spam Metafilter!

[More info on this spammer can be found at the Deleted Thread Blog]

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